Our Message

Every year thousands of people struggling with their finances approach commercial debt management companies for help with their debts.  They pay huge fees for debt solutions, such as a Debt Management Plans – a service that they could get elsewhere for FREE.

You should NEVER have to
pay for help with debt

You can get help from charities and other not-for-profit organisations.  Advice is Independent  and Impartial and the Help and Assistance you will get is Free.  No Fees.  No Sales Pitch.  And every penny you pay goes towards reducing your debt.

What you can do

Whether you’ve got long term debts or things are only just starting to get tight, the first thing you should do is very simple:

Don’t Panic

You can get help, but a hasty decision might leave you in a worse position.  On this blog you will find information about what you can do and what to avoid.  You can find out what you can do about debt, plus where you can get help.  We also explode a few myths about debt solutions.

How you can help

We want you to help us spread the message that you don’t have to pay to get help with debt.  Follow this link to download our campaign pack.  There are posters that you can display,  leaflets and  articles that you can distribute or pictures that you can share on Twitter and Facebook.  Please help us to spread the word about FREE help and advice.